Our clients saved $3M through Rebates last year

Our organization has worked with drug manufacturers on rebates for more than 10 years establishing pricing, assisting with meeting Federal pricing guidelines, manufacturer compliance with Federal reporting, interfacing with CMS over AMP reporting rules, as well as establishing and maintaining Federal rebate programs. 

LTCPCMS has been working with drug manufacturers longer than any other company in the industry. Our rebate program was the first post-acute care program available. 

We offer our clients the highest rebates available in the post-acute care industry and paid timely as received from PhRMA. We guarantee against claw backs due to duplicate rebates and rebates improperly submitted to PhRMA. 

Our rebate program is a managed program that engages pharmacist management to support provider prescribing to ensure the resident is receiving the right product for their current condition to achieve the best health outcomes.

With Medicare and Medicaid, things can change tomorrow. That’s why we stay on top of the latest releases from the CMS and Congress.

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