Clinical Hub

Increase Nursing Capacity with our Clinical Hub (Prior Authorizations)

Your nursing staff can be overwhelmed by the many and constant requests from the pharmacy for additional information, formulary alternatives, information on specialty pharmacy requirements, and dialysis medication rules. 

Our team of technicians and clinicians will open and read any email, fax, or pharmacy portal message. We will review the request if possible, respond with the needed information to the pharmacy or reach out to the facility and discuss the issue in an easy to understand, no nonsense way. 

We will assist you in making the decisions and facilitate what is needed to ensure the right medications arrive at your facility, at the right time, and at no cost to you (if the resident has an alternate prescription drug payer available for that product). This eliminates the pressure on your nursing staff allowing them to focus on the care of your residents. 

With Medicare and Medicaid, things can change tomorrow. That’s why we stay on top of the latest releases from the CMS and Congress.

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Our team is standing by to help assess your needs and identify the best services to reduce your pharmacy spend.