MBA Summer Internship


LTCPCMS provides best-in-class pharmaceutical rebate management, data analytics, pre and post-adjudication, audit, and pharmacy operations consulting services for their 800+ nationwide inpatient hospital, long-term care, and correctional facility clients. These services help minimize pharmaceutical costs, maximize the efficiency and efficacy of medical care, and ensure patients and elderly residents are properly cared for. You will work directly with the CEO to develop and build impactful operational improvements.

Job Description

This role will be rewarding beyond the experience gained through the work itself. You will get a peek behind the curtain of sorts: first-hand experience with small business operation and managing a team of employees as well as a board of directors. Projects, responsibilities, and tasks will be at your discretion, but a few options are developing KPIs, improving our sales and marketing strategy, and data analysis.

Of course, you will have several ad hoc tasks in addition to these more robust projects, and the expectation will be that as you become familiar with the business, you will propose additional or alternative projects of interest to improve operations. Regardless of the project, we would anticipate additional insights from your work that will directly impact strategy and decision-making in multiple business areas.


There will be difficult and sometimes tedious tasks, but the end goal will be meaningful change and an opportunity to be a part of building the foundation for future growth and scaling. For those that are willing, the rewards will surely prove worthwhile. To that end, here are some traits that are important:

  •          Self-driven, independent, and hard-working with a willingness to complete arduous tasks

  •          Detail-oriented with exceptional communication skills

  •          An inquisitive mind and a drive to keep searching for information until you uncover what you’re looking for

  •          People who want to have an impact and be part of something special. You will be helping to improve and scale a company that will create jobs and serves a valuable role in its community.

  •          An entrepreneurial, energetic, and optimistic attitude

This role can be a great fit for MBA students interested in or exploring private equity, search funds, or operating a small or medium-sized business via a CXO program or apprenticeship model.

We strongly prefer that you work in our office outside of Richmond, Virginia but are open to remote work if that is your strong preference. Working remotely will limit the exposure and scope of projects due to the constraints on access. A minimum of 40 hours/week is expected with flexible start dates.

This is a paid internship, and compensation is negotiable.